1930soral history

Dr. Neil Morrow

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  • Carissa Parks Nevill says:

    Thank you so much, for this interview. My childhood was enriched by my parents, more so, my mother, Jane Parks.
    We lived In Lewisville, north of Dallas. I am not sure how she found Dr. Morrow, but he is the only doctor I remember from my youngest years. In fact, it seemed the older my sisters and I got, the older his patients were. He saw us well into our young adulthood.
    He is the standard, the measure of every doctor I see now and of every doctor my children have seen. I have never found another like him.
    Our mother made sure that we had most of the day to go to Dallas when we were to visit the office and if we were well enough, she also took us to the Nut House or to Stein’s. It was a day with Mother. She made sure that we were not afraid of the doctor. She made sure we knew he was to be respected.
    Then, there is the simple fact that “Dr. Tomorrow “ was wonderful. His calming voice, his easy way of speaking to us. He didn’t baby talk and he explained what was wrong so we could understand.
    I often felt I was his very favorite patient. My sisters and I loved him dearly.
    So again, thank you for this interview. It has reminded me of my “good old days” when things were a little simpler.

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