Natalie Ornish Interview Collection

Natalie Ornish was a local historian with deep Jewish Texas Roots. In the late 1970s and 1980s, she conducted several interviews with individuals she considered “Pioneer Jewish Texans,” or their descendants, and compiled a book by the same name: Pioneer Jewish Texans. During this same time, she participated in various regional historical associations and conducted genealogical research related to her own family history. The series of interviews and recordings below each relate to those endeavors.  

Bartlett Cocke is interviewed over the phone by Natalie Ornish on April 22, 1985 about the Josky building that was located on Alamo Plaza and Blume street, across from the Enise Fair Plaza. Bartlett Cocke was an architect on the building’s new edition, as well as the refacing of the old building. They discuss Alexander Josky, his daughter Lucille, and his son Harold who drowned, which ultimately led Mr. Josky to suicide.

Natalie Ornish interviews Louis Daily about his father, Ray Karchmer Daily. Doctor Ray Daily is an ophthalmologist pioneer, and one of the first doctors to perform the cataract extraction surgery. Louis Daily tells of his father’s early medical career in Houston. Ray Daily often studied medical techniques in Germany and Austria. Ray daily spoke 5 languages and would translate foreign medical journals to English for American medical schools. May 14, 1987.

Carl Duaine discusses topics from his book “Caverns of Oblivion”. His book is a translation of journals from Mexican men. One of the men he discusses is an ancestor of Carl Duaine.

Leah Gorrin was interviewed by Natalie Ornish on April 10, 1985. 

Natalie Ornish speaks with historian Frances Kallison November 2, 1985 at a gathering where she also speaks with Stuart Klein. A conversation with editor Nathan Barnett is present with this file, as well.

Natalie Ornish spoke with Gladys Kingsbury for the first time on July 23, 1985.

Natalie Ornish interviewed Gladys Kingsbury a second time on April 19, 1986.

Edna Levine was interviewed by Natalie Ornish on December 28, 1977.

Adrian F. Levy Sr. was interviewed by Natalie Ornish on August 14, 1983. 

Jeanette Lipson was interviewed by Natalie Ornish on February 23, 1985

Dr. Joseph Melnick was interviewed by Natalie Ornish on March 16, 1987. 

Daniel Oppenheimer was interviewed by Natalie Ornish on September 16, 1984.

Natalie Ornish interviewed Mrs. John Rosenfield for research for Pioneer Jewish Texans in 1986.

In 1986, Natalie Ornish recorded an address by John Weems at the Texas Historical Association meeting,

Frieda Miron Weiner was a Russian immigrant and came to the United States in 1911 when she was 19 years old. She first came to Philadelphia from Bremen, Germany, and then moved to Detroit. From Detroit, she moved to Texas and lived between Houston and Galveston for most of her life before moving to Dallas. Weiner assisted other Russians with the immigration process in Galveston, organized three Yiddish clubs in Houston, and worked with the Workmen’s Circle for over 50 years. 

Oral History of Bernard Weingarten conducted by Natalie Ornish as part of her personal historical research.

Morris Weiss is interviewed by Natalie Ornish about his recollections of the Landa family, January 5, 1987.

Morris Zale was interviewed by Natalie Ornish on February 10, 1985 as part of her personal research.