A rekindling and reliving of the past can be seen in our wonderful exhibits and collections. From great displays of Veterans to depictions of Dallas Jews in the theatre to special collections of JFK and Neiman Marcus memorabilia, the hallowed grounds of the DJHS has something for everybody., Come check out our prized possessions today!

Dallas Cartography

Fall 2019

Shining Stars

Summer 2019

From the Archive

Special Exhibition Summer 2019

Jewish Dallas: An Enduring Legacy

Special Exhibition at University of Dallas Library Winter 2019

Better Together

Fraternal Organizations of Jewish Dallas
Spring 2020

Coming of Age

Fall 2018

"Let There be Light"

Winter 2017-2018

Tripping the Light Fantastic

Winter 2020-2021

Tzva’im – Colors of Judaism

Summer 2021

Then & Now: Downtown

Fall/Winter 2021

Then & Now: Deep Ellum

Spring 2022

It's All Fun & Games

Summer 2022

Then & Now: South Dallas

Summer/Fall 2022

Women's Philanthropy

Spring 2023

Past Displays