Lynn Fine

Lynn Fine, originally from Johannesburg, is descended from Lithuanian emigres to South Africa. Soon after Lynn and her husband, Stanley, married, they left South Africa, intrigued by the American Dream. They first moved to Los Angeles, then later to Dallas, where they have been for over 20 years. Lynn received her Bachelor’s Degree in Legal Theory and Psychology and worked for a public relations company in South Africa. When she first came to Dallas, she bought an African art company and sold African art and was very in touch with the European fashion market. She has been the Creative Director of KidKraft, the company for which she works.

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Karen Glanger

Karen Glanger was born and raised in Pretoria, South Africa. After graduating high school studying economics and mercantile law, her family moved to Johannesburg, where she attended and later graduated from business school. She married her husband, Trevor Glanger z”l, in Johannesburg and they lived in Cape Town for their first year of marriage. Karen ran a branch of a medical distributors company and later worked for her husband’s electronics distribution business, running the accounting section. In 1976, at age 26, they began looking into moving to the United States, eventually settling in Dallas with their two young children. The Glangers started the first video store in Dallas, “Videoland”, a consumer electronics retailer, which grew immensely. An enthusiastic woman, Karen has been a great supporter of the Dallas Jewish community.

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