Suzie Ablon

Ablon, Suzie Suzie Ablon
Suzie was born in 1935 in Dallas, Texas. A natural saleswoman, she was a pivotal employee in the catering business for 35 years. She has a big passion for rhythm and dancing, has been an important contributor to the Dallas Jewish community, and led the Federation drive in 1962.
Published on Jun.7, 2016.

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Mickey Warsaw

Mickey Warsaw was born in 1934 in Chicago, IL. Mickey was married in 1953, eventually moving with her husband to Dallas in order to pursue work. After her husband passed away, she joined the Jewish Community Center in Dallas in order to find a “Jewish home,” as she states, enjoying the welcoming environment of Jewish culture and activities. As a dedicated member of the Jewish community, Mickey has worked for Jewish Family Service and has been involved with the Jewish War Veterans organization, which supports the Veterans’ Hospital as well as several other children’s organizations. Mickey is known as the “Bear Lady” due to her involvement with the delivery of stuffed animals to children in the children’s hospitals.

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Ron Weiss

Ron Weiss was born in 1930 in Chicago, Illinois, and moved to Houston, Texas, about 5 years later with his family. Ron has been a strong and passionate member of Dallas’s Jewish community, with strong ties to B’nai Brith.

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Loren Weinstein

Loren Weinstein was born in 1939 in Denver, Colorado. Loren has been a highly involved supporter and leader within the Dallas Jewish community, which he attributes to his upbringing and the values his family instilled in him from a young age.

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Phyllis Somer

Phyllis Somer was born in 1936 in Brooklyn, New York, and grew up in Dallas. She has held many important leadership positions in the Dallas Jewish community and has made a profound influence through her involvement in various organizations.

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