Bob Beer


The first on his mother’s side to come to America was Calman Harris who came in 1849. Bob was born in New York. He fought in WWII and had trouble finding a job when he came back, eventually finding work in Dallas. He later met his wife Gerry and they were married at a reform shul.

Bob Beer was a co-founder of DJHS and was widely involved in the Dallas Jewish Community for many decades. He was interviewed by Ginger Jacobs on January 26 & February 2, 1998.

Listen to hist interview below.



Sylvia Becker

Sylvia Becker was born and raised in New York City. Later, she moved to Arizona with her husband and worked at a synagogue there. After she retired, she moved to Dallas and is now affiliated with the Aaron Family Jewish Community Center of Dallas’s senior department. 

She was interviewed by Miriam Creemer. Listen to her interview below. 


Sale Barshop

Sale Barsop was interviewed by Rose Biderman on July 9, 1985.

Sale Barshop was born in 1920 in Dallas. He lived in Kemp, Texas where his father and uncle owned a store before moving to Dallas when he was seven years old. Barshop ran his father’s business in Deep Ellum until he was able to open his own pawn shop there as well, which he ran until he was literally no longer able to stand.

Listen to his interview below.