Jeneane Pearlman

Jeneane Pearlman was born in Wichita, Kansas, and has lived in Texas since the age of 7. Jeneane’s father was in the jewelry business and the family moved various times to follow his work. Jeneane has been a very active and important member in the Dallas Jewish community since 1957.  Her involvement within the Dallas Jewish community has included the Jewish Federation, Temple Emanu-El Sisterhood, and Vogel Alcove, in addition to serving on the boards of several other Jewish organizations.

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Jack Greenberg

Jack Greenberg was born in 1927 in Iowa City and raised in Fort Dodge, Iowa. His father worked for a chain of women’s ready-to-wear clothing stores where Jack’s mother worked as well. Jack attended high school in Illinois where he was one of five Jewish kids at the high school. He went to the University of Iowa for three years, then Washington University for one year, followed by U.S. Army service from 1950-1953, during which time he was stationed in Georgia. He worked at Neiman Marcus department store when he and his family first came to Dallas until his family opened up a women’s clothing store in Dallas and later worked for Charles Curtain Company for 32 years. Jack and his wife, Carole, have three children.

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Carole Ross Greenberg

Carole Greenberg was born in 1937 in Dallas, Texas. She grew up in Highland Park and attended Highland Park High School. Formerly serving as president of the BBG chapter now known as Jennie Zesmer, Carole was a very active member in B’nai B’rith Youth Organization (BBYO). She met her husband, Jack, in Dallas after two years of college and they married in 1956. Carole worked with her parents for 20 years and was office manager of the family’s textile company as well. She has been in the jewelry business since 1977, and has used this creativity to contribute to the community.

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Myron Ball


Myron BallMyron Ball z”l was born in 1924 in Reading, Pennsylvania. In his junior and senior high school days, Myron was interested in acting and writing, and ultimately pursued this interest by authoring books and a play later in his life. Directly after high school, Myron went to podiatry school, but soon after entered the Navy during World War II. Following completion of podiatry school, he moved to Dallas, and his mother and sister followed shortly thereafter. Myron met his wife, Kitzi, at the Adolphus Hotel at a dance. He practiced medicine for 64 years in addition to serving on the board of the Dallas Jewish Community Center in 1948 and working for the Jewish Federation of Greater Dallas for many years.

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