Lynn Fine

Lynn Fine, originally from Johannesburg, is descended from Lithuanian emigres to South Africa. Soon after Lynn and her husband, Stanley, married, they left South Africa, intrigued by the American Dream. They first moved to Los Angeles, then later to Dallas, where they have been for over 20 years. Lynn received her Bachelor’s Degree in Legal Theory and Psychology and worked for a public relations company in South Africa. When she first came to Dallas, she bought an African art company and sold African art and was very in touch with the European fashion market. She has been the Creative Director of KidKraft, the company for which she works.

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Debra Polsky

Debra Polsky, Executive Director of the Dallas Jewish Historical Society, was born in New York in 1954 and moved with her family to Chattanooga, Tennessee, at the age of two. Debra moved to Dallas in 1989 for a job with B’nai Brith Youth Organization. Since then, she has profoundly influenced Jewish life in Dallas through her work with many different organizations.

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Ron Weiss

Ron Weiss was born in 1930 in Chicago, Illinois, and moved to Houston, Texas, about 5 years later with his family. Ron has been a strong and passionate member of Dallas’s Jewish community, with strong ties to B’nai Brith.

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Rosalee Cohen

Rosalee Cohen, the oldest of two girls, was born in 1920 to her father who came from Poland and her mother from Russia. When Rosalee was 11 years old, her family moved back to Dallas, where she attended Colonial Hill Elementary, followed by Forest Avenue High School and eventually Southern Methodist University, from which she graduated. She began as an education major but switched to sociology and became a social worker, working for Dallas County Welfare. Rosalee married in Dallas in 1942. She was the secretary at Congregation Shearith Israel, where she also taught, in addition to serving as the president of the Sisterhood at Temple Emanu-El. Rosalee comes from a family that has always valued giving back to the Jewish community.

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