Pi Tau Pi Fraternity was founded November 9, 1909 by Fred Wolff, Al V. Levy, Harry Oppenheimer, and R. W. Apte. It was local to St. Louis, Missouri, but became a national co-ed charter. It was created with the intent, “to promote and encourage Judaism; to advance Hebraic culture; to aid in the abolishment of prejudice against the Jew; and to further activities social and philanthropic.”

This host nametag for May Sebel is from the Pi Tau Pi conclave, or alumni meetup, that occurred in Dallas July 4-7, 1962. While it is unclear what activities occurred during the conclave, the theme seemed to be “Do It In Dallas,” as it says on the nametag. The Pi Tau Pi fraternity disbanded in 1967, 5 years after this conclave; however, there are many Jewish fraternities that exist today.

From the May Sebel Collection