Jewelry designer Eytan Brandes from California designed this 2010-2011 (5771) brooch given to donors of the Torah Fund. “Women’s League and Torah Fund are proud to support the education of the future rabbis, cantors, educators, and scholars who will serve as the gifted leaders and innovators of the Conservative Movement.” Since its inception in 1942, the Torah Fund has raised more than 95 million dollars. “The Torah Fund Campaign of Women’s League for Conservative Judaism is the dedicated philanthropy of Women’s League, its members, and its affiliated sisterhoods in Conservative congregations across North America.” 

Kehillah Kedoshah: Celebrating Community Woman to Woman: The 5771 Torah Fund Pin commemorates the energizing power of women’s community. Kehillah Kedoshah was the common term for Jewish community in Eastern Europe, but it also implies a community bound together by similar values and beliefs. The images contained within this stylized hamsa* pin reflect women in celebration, dancing and praising. The pin’s golden flame, representing the Women’s League logo, alludes to our members who are committed to a common purpose and the unbreakable bonds of Sisterhood. 

From the Ginger Jacobs Collection