Harold Bierner

Harold Bierner discusses early Dallas Millinery factories and stores. Harold’s father traveled from Brooklyn New York to Dallas, moving his family to Dallas for Millinery work. Eventually opening Bierner and Son which was taken over by Harold.

He was interviewed by Rose Biderman on November 6, 1986. Listen to his interview below.


Sam Biderman

Sam Biderman was an architect who was born in Houston, Texas. He and his family moved to North Dallas when he was around one year old. He was involved in numerous Jewish clubs, one being the Young Hebrew Men’s Association. He was also involved with the Jewish Federation of Greater Dallas and has worked on Shearith Israel’s building. He was affiliated with Temple Emanu-El as well.

Listen to his interview below.


Selwin Belofsky


Selwin Belofksy has been a community advocate, volunteer, and philanthropist for many decades. The photo above, including his wife Joyce, is from the Ackerman Center Leadership Dinner at the University of Texas at Dallas in November 2019, courtesy of My Sweet Charity.

While Selwin is a part of the Oral History Project, at the time of donation, he requested that his interview be closed to the public until 2040. We will make the materials available as soon as possible. 





Lev Aronson

Lev Aronson was Interviewed by Bob Beer on February 3, 1985.

Lev Aronson was born February 7th, 1912 in Monchengladbach, Germany. He came to Dallas in 1948 and died in 1988. In 40 years, Aronson served as assistant principal cellist in the Dallas Symphony for the 1948-1949 season, then as principal until 1967, taught cello at Baylor University in Waco, Texas, from 1967, and began teaching at Southern Methodist University in 1980. It mentioned Jewish Society in the interview without details.

 Listen to his interview below.