Jaime Hazan-Cohen

Jaime Hazan-Cohen was born in Havana, Cuba, and moved to the U.S. in October of 1960. He initially lived in Florida and then relocated to Dallas. Jaime’s father was born in Beirut, Lebanon, and his mother was born in Cuba. Jaime went to law school in Havana, then to Southern Methodist University in Texas and following that worked as an accountant. He later opened a wholesale textile business with his brother and father. Jaime met his wife, Esther, in Dallas at the age of 30 and they married a year later. He is an active member of Congregation Tiferet Israel, has served on the boards of both Akiba Academy and Tiferet Israel, and has supported other community organizations alongside his wife.

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Moises “Maurice” Bramnik

Moises Bramnick

Moises “Maurice” Bramnik was born in 1924 in the Ukraine. When he was one, his family left Russia and moved to Havana, Cuba, in order to move away from the communist regime. Maurice met his wife, Esther, in 1956, and they had two children together while still in Cuba. He attended the University of Havana for two years studying civil engineering before he and his family left Cuba to come to the United States. After a brief time in Miami, they finally settled in Dallas with the help of Jewish Family Service and have since fallen in love with the country they now call home.

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Esther Bramnik

Esther BramnickEsther Bramnik, the oldest of four children, was born in 1934 in Havana, Cuba. Esther’s father came from Syria to Cuba at age 13 and became a jeweler. Esther is a very musical woman who loved playing piano and singing as a young girl. She met her husband, Maurice, at her home during a party that her parents had put together, and they married in 1957. She moved to the United States in 1961 with her husband and two children and eventually her whole family moved out of Cuba. They settled initially in Miami but ended up in Dallas. Appreciative of her new life in America and the welcome she received from the Dallas Jewish community, Esther has always been interested in giving back to the community.

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