Dallas Jewish Historical Society is privileged to honor and recognize longtime board member and past President of DJHS, Stuart Rosenfield!

Stuart served as President of DJHS for six years after serving on the Executive Committee and general board for many years prior to that. Upon stepping down in 2022, Stuart has remained active on the board, spearheading more than one committee, and offering advice whenever needed.

Stuart has been a constant – a consistent masthead, a voice of reason, motivation, and support through many years of uncertainty and, this past year, immense transition – even after stepping down as President. He continues to support DJHS because the mission, the stories, the history of the organization and the history of this community are near and dear to his heart. Just as he is near and dear to ours.

Stuart joined the board in 2011 after being asked by a member of the nominating committee – “I felt it was important to preserve the history of Jewish Dallas,” he recalls.

On the success and exponential growth of the agency during his time, Stuart notes:

“Together with many great mentors and leaders, we transformed the DJHS from a little known agency into a much more recognized integral part of the Dallas Jewish Community.  We upgraded our technology to better serve our members, developed innovative programming to highlight/inform about Dallas Jewish History, and honored many great people who had an impact on not only the Dallas Jewish Community, but the entire Dallas area community as well.  Our board consists of a diverse group of Dallas leaders from multiple generations who share the same commitment and drive to preserve and promote our history.

A personal highlight for me has been the opportunity to meet and work with some amazing people over the years. Some of these people I’ve known since BBYO while others I’ve grown to know and admire through our mutual board work on the DJHS.

Jews have been a major part of Dallas’s growth and success for 150 years. The DJHS is the primary research resource and repository for the history of Jewish Dallas.  No other organization has the type of programming we offer, which includes guest speakers, authors, genealogy programs, archive preservation programs, digitally-preserved and accessible oral histories, as well as an archive (managed by a professional archivist) with over 15,000 artifacts.“

Testimonials from fellow board members:

  Stuart is one of the most intelligent people I’ve ever known. His written and oral skills are excellent as are his leadership abilities- he was an effective and wonderful DJHS President. We truly benefitted under his presidency. He also has a great wry sense of humor on top of it all! – Jo Reingold

How blessed we have been to have Stuart’s leadership over these many years. He has an uplifting perspective on how to work with others, how to work thoroughly and efficiently, and has the unsurpassed wisdom and vision for DJHS that is so close to his heart. He is such a pleasure, a terrific mentor and a true “mensch”! We are so proud to recognize Stuart for all he has done and who he is.  – Jeanette Pincus

Stuart, You are a tireless servant leader, devoting your life to service (after family). DJHS is indeed lucky to have had your leadership for so long! I’m out of town but am there in spirit! XO, Suzy Schwartz

Stuart, Thank you for your leadership for so many years, which has brought us to the great place that DJHS is now! Fondly, May Sebel