Dallas Jewish Historical Society is privileged to honor and recognize Mitch Meyers, currently a member-at-large on our Executive Board, who has been with us nearly six years!

He was originally approached by his dear friend and Past President of blessed memory, Jim Schwartz, and later asked by immediate Past President Stuart Rosenfield. Mitch felt compelled to participate in the preservation of Dallas Jewish History. When asked about his tenure, Mitch jests, “Like in the Godfather, every time I try to get out…they pull me back in.”

Since 2018, Mitch has conducted oral history interviews—specifically to commemorate an annual gathering, The Christmas Day Classic (and its participants), that is near and dear to his heart—volunteered at programs and events, planned many programs and events, and has been a voice of unique perspective. Mitch is particularly proud of “learning to work collaboratively with the DJHS Board, the Executive team, and helping to lead us into the future for the new leaders at DJHS.”

Some personal highlights for Mitch over the last several years include:

– Our program featuring Dallas raised sports journalists Laken Litman, Dani Sureck and Becca Genecov. These ladies were impressive and all are in the sports business from Dallas. As we mentioned at the program, we can’t wait to see where they are in five years.

– Our program with Brad Sham, voice of the Dallas Cowboys. Chuck Cooperstein, voice of the Dallas Mavericks, and Robert Steinfield, producer extraordinaire. Interviewed by Mark Elfenbien, radio host of The Ticket. A very lively night with audience participation. 

– Christmas Day Classic Movie – We held a virtual movie of the Christmas Day Classic movie during covid that brought a lot of people to the DJHS.

– The Life and Times of Jim Schwartz – A live concert event that showcased the life and times of Jim. The committee, including Suzy Schwartz and Rusty Cooper helped create a beautiful event showcasing Jim, his time with DJHS, and his many friends and family memories. 

The mission of DJHS resonates with Mitch on a personal level, as he notes: “It means to me, to help connect the present and future generations with Jewish Dallas through Oral history and programs. To help keep the past as a living legacy for our Dallas Jewish community. I’m hopeful that I have helped in some small, fun and entertaining way.”

Testimonials from the Board:

“It was a night I will always remember … and it was all because of Mitch Meyers!        

Mitch contacted me in 2022 to talk about an event he wanted to do honoring Jim’s contributions to the DJHS. He had a fabulous idea to somehow integrate Jim’s well-known passion for music along with remarks from people who knew Jim, bringing him to life both as a community servant and as a friend, family member, colleague and more. The result was fantastic; spirited, fun, inspirational… sold out/SRO! I am so grateful that Mitch made this happen AND that I had the opportunity to get to know this man whose reputation precedes him.  He is one of the nicest human beings I’ve known and had the opportunity to work with creatively, logistically and otherwise.  He is a GREAT asset to the DJHS and I am sure Jim is smiling, so pleased that Mitch has lent his talents to his (Jim’s ) favorite organization!” — Suzy Schwartz

Mitch kept our programming going during the pandemic. If not for him, DJHS would have been silent! He brought us two outstanding programs for our annual meetings that highlighted members from our Dallas Jewish community in the sports field. Mitch also had the passion and vision to organize a very special tribute to celebrate Jim Schwartz, OBM, filled with music, friends, and sweet memories that raised funds for the lecture series in Jim’s name. Mitch has served on our executive board for the past two years and has done numerous Oral History interviews. His wit, insight and leadership have brought so much to our organization. We appreciate him!”  — Jeanette Pincus

“Over the past 3 years, Mitch has executed new and innovative programs that have been both well received and well attended. These programs have significantly increased publicity for the DJHS and resulted in new DJHS memberships as well as a increased connectivity to a larger pool of people in the Dallas Jewish community.” – Stuart Rosenfield