EVERY HOME HAS A STORY . . . Sunday, November 6, 2016, 3:15 p.m. at the Aaron Family JCC

Do you have old family photographs in boxes in a spare room or garage? Do you have Bubbe and Zayde’s old love letters in a box in the attic?  Do you have your parents’ wedding pictures and Ketubah?  Are you unsure if your family heirlooms and documents might have any value?  Do you know you have something great and want to preserve it, but just don’t know where to start?

As part of Learning Fest 2016, The Dallas Jewish Historical Society will host an introductory preservation workshop to help provide information about basic preservation, practical advice for handling, storing, and caring for personal collections, and to raise awareness of the value that personal family collections can hold for historical or cultural heritage institutions. Join us and learn what you can do to start organizing and preserving your family’s incredible story.



Alexis Joanna Ferguson, MLS, DJHS Archivist

Alexis provides leadership of our Archive Management program. Alexis received a BA in Anthropology from TCU and an MS in Library Science with a specialization in special collections, preservation, and conservation from the University of North Texas. She has worked for the United Way of Metropolitan Chicago and volunteered at both the Dallas Holocaust Museum and George W. Bush Presidential Library. Additionally, Alexis has extensive experience in cataloging, metadata creation, and volunteer management.  She has just returned from the Digital Directions conference, enhancing her knowledge of the fundamentals of creating and managing digital collections.  This experience will help DJHS achieve our goal of becoming a fully online digital repository.