Bill Gutow

Gutow, BILLBill Gutow was born in 1941 in Dallas, Texas, to Texas transplants — his father was born in New Jersey and his mother in Toronto. Bill attended Hillcrest High School and then the University of Texas followed by Southern Methodist University Law School, and graduated law school in 1965. He met his wife, Barbara, while she was working as a teacher. Bill was on the board of the Jewish Community Center and the Jewish Federation of Greater Dallas, and has served Dallas’s Jewish community alongside his wife as a strong advocate of education.

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Carole Wolanow

Carole Wolanow was born in 1946 in Los Angeles, California. Carole has passionately involved herself in many organizations within the Dallas Jewish community and also has served on the boards of different national organizations. Carole was originally interviewed by Scott Farber in 2013, and subsequently by Rose Hurwitz in 2022.

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Edward Stone

Edward Stone was born in 1941 in Houston, Texas, and eventually moved with his family back to Texas in the summer of 1975. A hard-working man, Edward made it his mission to give back to the community and thus he has become a highly active member in Dallas’s Jewish community.

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Karen Stern

Karen Stern z”l was born in 1942 in Cleveland, OH, and moved to Dallas with her family when she was four years old. Karen was very interested in social justice and became a school teacher in the Dallas area, having experienced integration among the schools. Karen formed strong connections and had a huge impact on the lives of many through her work at Dallas’ Jewish Community Center, where she served as the Executive Vice President beginning in 1989. Her other positions included serving as Interim Executive Director at the Jewish Community Center in Palo Alto, CA, and as Texas Regional Director for the American Jewish Congress. She volunteered her time with the Jewish Federation of Greater Dallas and also served as the president and CEO of the Arthritis Foundation for eight years, forming the South Central Region.

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Jeff Seymour

Jeff Seymour was born in 1949 in Los Angeles, California. At the time, he moved from North Carolina with his wife and child to Dallas, where he has been a strong and important leader within Dallas’s Jewish  community.

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