Annette Corman

Annette Corman was born in 1937 in Chicago, Illinois, but moved with her family shortly thereafter to Texas. Annette grew up in Corpus Christi and attended high school there as well. After high school, she attended the University of Michigan and the University of Cincinnati. In 1991, she married Jack Corman, and combined their families. They have five children and multiple grandchildren. Annette has been involved in Temple Emanu-El’s Sisterhood in addition to Brandeis Women’s book group while working as a stock broker for over 25 years.

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Myron Ball


Myron BallMyron Ball z”l was born in 1924 in Reading, Pennsylvania. In his junior and senior high school days, Myron was interested in acting and writing, and ultimately pursued this interest by authoring books and a play later in his life. Directly after high school, Myron went to podiatry school, but soon after entered the Navy during World War II. Following completion of podiatry school, he moved to Dallas, and his mother and sister followed shortly thereafter. Myron met his wife, Kitzi, at the Adolphus Hotel at a dance. He practiced medicine for 64 years in addition to serving on the board of the Dallas Jewish Community Center in 1948 and working for the Jewish Federation of Greater Dallas for many years.

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Richard Aston

Richard Aston was born in 1936 in Dallas, Texas. Richard attended Highland Park High School followed by Florida Southern College for his undergraduate years. While in college, he entered the Reserve Officers’ Training Corps, and after graduating in 1960, he went right into the army as a Second Lieutenant. After his service, Richard was working for a pharmaceutical company as well as at his family’s bakery. Richard’s family bakery was kosher for a while and coordinated with many caterers that catered to Temple Emanu-El, Tiferet Israel, and Shearith Israel. Richard was married to loving wife, Gladys, until her passing in August 2012.

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