Suzie Ablon

Ablon, Suzie Suzie Ablon
Suzie was born in 1935 in Dallas, Texas. A natural saleswoman, she was a pivotal employee in the catering business for 35 years. She has a big passion for rhythm and dancing, has been an important contributor to the Dallas Jewish community, and led the Federation drive in 1962.
Published on Jun.7, 2016.

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Bill Gutow

Gutow, BILLBill Gutow was born in 1941 in Dallas, Texas, to Texas transplants — his father was born in New Jersey and his mother in Toronto. Bill attended Hillcrest High School and then the University of Texas followed by Southern Methodist University Law School, and graduated law school in 1965. He met his wife, Barbara, while she was working as a teacher. Bill was on the board of the Jewish Community Center and the Jewish Federation of Greater Dallas, and has served Dallas’s Jewish community alongside his wife as a strong advocate of education.

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Barbara Gutow

Barbara Gutow was born and raised in Illinois and moved to Dallas after graduating from college at North Texas State University. She came to Dallas to teach, and met her husband, Billy, while he was working in the scrap metal business after having completed law school. Barbara has been a very active and important leader and volunteer in Dallas’s Jewish community. She was on the board of Jewish Family Service, Golden Acres, and the Jewish Federation of Greater Dallas, has dedicated much of her time to serving less fortunate communities, and has been involved with the National Council of Jewish Women, among other organizations.

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Rabbi Howard Wolk

Rabbi Howard Wolk was born in 1952 in the Bronx and grew up in Queens, NY. His father, a cantor, was born in Poland and came over with his parents and siblings, while Rabbi Wolk’s mother was born in Berlin and came to America with her parents and sister before the war. Rabbi Wolk moved with his family to Dallas, where he first became the founding Rabbi of Congregation Shaare Tefilla. He always has been and continues to be a strong role model and active leader within Dallas’s Jewish community and with many organizations, including Jewish Family Service and the Jewish Federation of Greater Dallas. As proud parents of six children, Rabbi Wolk and his wife, Annette, have had a great impact on the community and have taught many.

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Joanie Weinstein

Joanie Weinstein was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and moved to Dallas with her family in June of 1969. She has been an educator and highly active member within the Dallas Jewish community, where she has made a positive influence on its members.

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