This wooden bowl with decorative painted flowers looks to be a souvenir from Landsberg Germany. Landsberg is home to the prison which once imprisoned Adolf Hitler after the failed Munich Beer Hall Putsch. He was imprisoned in 1924 and served less than a half a year in the prison. “Hitler also famously used his time of incarceration in Landsberg to write his book, ‘Mein Kampf’ one of the major pieces of propaganda that would push Germans towards the Nazi party.”

Sources indicate, “after WWII the US Army took over and Landsberg Prison became War Criminal Prison No. 1, the main holding cell for captured Nazis. Over a five year period between 1945 and 1950 over 278 Nazi’s were executed at the prison for their crimes against humanity.”

The Kaufering Concentration Camp located in Landsberg was a subcamp of Dachau. It is the only privately owned concentration camp site in Germany. In 2018, the mayor of Landsberg, Mathias Neuner, stated that a permanent historical exhibition was in the works.