This lucite paperweight contains a commemorative coin of Israel from 1971. One side of the coin shows The Knesset building, and the opposite side shows the city of Jerusalem. Annually, a commemorative coin is released to honor the independence of Israel and highlight an achievement of the nation.

Jakob Zim (1920-2015) was the artist of the coin. Known for his paintings he also designed the symbol of the city of Netanya on the 5000 shekel banknote for the Bank of Israel in 1984. The Knesset building located in Jerusalem, holds the uni-cameral house of representatives for the State of Israel, with 120 members. “The name “Knesset” derives from the “Great Knesset” (“Great Assembly”) which convened in Jerusalem after the return of the Jews to Eretz Yisrael from the Babylonian exile in the fifth century B.C.E” (,%20Jakob,%20Israeli,%20born%20Poland,%201920-2015