This dime collector was given out by Hadassah, of the Women’s Zionist Organization of America, Inc.

“The new organization’s first act was to collect money and send two nurses to Palestine in 1913 to provide pasteurized milk to infants and new mothers, and to eradicate trachoma, an easily cured eye disease, that was robbing thousands of sight,”

This dime collector was in support of curing the eye disease, as it states: “Now is the moment, now is the time, $5.00 saves an eye, each day give a dime.” The dime collector was sent to Hadassah supporter, “Mrs. Herbert Friedman” or Sarah Bornfeld Friedman. Mrs. Friedman passed away in 2009, and her obituary states, “Sarah was a Life Member of Hadassah and an active member of Congregations Shearith Israel and Tiferet Israel and other Jewish organizations.”